10 Secret Fears Men Never Talk About


ecret Fears 90% of Men Never Talk About

If you’re a woman, here’s a secret: men are nowhere near as confident and secure as they seem. The reality is that behind closed doors, there are a number of issues most men will never admit to worrying about – including some serious stuff like their relationships, finances and even erectile dysfunction! Here we take a look at 10 secret fears men never talk about.

  1. Relationship Troubles

It may be men who are accused of being commitment-phobes, but in reality, men have their own worries when it comes to relationships too – that’s if 33% of men are to be believed! They worry about their relationship with their partner for sure, but they also fret about their relationship with their friends and family too.

  1. Losing Their Hair

It’s a fact men worry about losing hair, but they don’t seem to talk about it much at all. A study carried out by the makers of men’s grooming brand Bluebeards Original showed that 83% of men who suffer from hair loss are too embarrassed to talk about it.

  1. Not Being Able To Perform In The Bedroom

Don’t men always seem so confident in front of their friends, no matter what they’re talking about? Well, men might be good at pretending, but there are a number of sexual conditions men do worry about – one of which is erectile dysfunction (ED), with men worrying about not being able to perform in the bedroom.

  1. Getting Older

Yes, men worry about getting older too – it’s a fear men have been shown to rate higher than other menopause symptoms! In fact, men worry about ageing so much that they spend an average of £20k on looking good over their lifetime, according to men’s grooming brand Bluebeards Original.

  1. Money Worries

It might not be men who are earning the most money in today’s society, but that doesn’t mean men don’t worry about having enough cash. Men worry about paying for food; they worry about paying off debts; and they even worry about not being able to afford Christmas presents for their family.

  1. Getting Rejected By Their Friends

If men worry about not having any money, then men also spend a lot of time worrying that they’re going to get rejected by the people around them. They worry that friends don’t like them; they worry that men are jealous of them; men even worry that the men they admire don’t care about them at all!

  1. Getting Fired

Yes, men can be just as worried about losing their job as women are – in fact, men worry more! A recent study by careerbuilder.co.uk showed that men fear being fired more than women do, with 53% of men worrying about being let go sometime in the future.

  1. Being Single

Being single is great for many men, but the reality is that men also worry about being single too – it’s just they don’t talk much about it! They worry that other people are judging them for not having a girlfriend or a wife, and men also worry about spending the rest of their lives on their own.

  1. Having An Affair

One of men’s biggest fears has to be having an affair – men worry about ending up in a relationship where they’re not happy; men also worry that they may end up falling for another woman and cheating on their partner as a result. Men especially worry about men they know getting involved in an affair with another woman.

  1. Dying Young

Yes men can be just as afraid of dying as women, and men also fear that they’re going to die young – men especially fear that they will pass away before their partner does. It’s a sad reality, but men do sometimes feel like they don’t have enough time on this earth.

so,  men might not always be as cool and fearless as men are thought to be. Men do actually have fears just like anyone else, but men also know how to deal with their fears in much the same way that women do!