The Ultimate Bra Buying Guide: 7 Tips For Choosing The Best Bra For Your Size & Shape

Perfect Bra for Your Outfit

Are you still not sure how to choose the right bra for your outfit? We all know what it feels like when our bra makes us look and feel awkward. Here is a little guide that will help you pick the bra that’s best for you and your outfit.

  1. The bra must match the outfit’s color

The first thing to consider is the bra’s shade, which should always reflect the color of your top or dress. For instance, if you are wearing a light yellow bra, it would be best to choose a bra with an ivory or light beige shade.

  1. The bra must follow the shape of your outfit’s neckline

Another important tip is to choose bra that will match the style of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress, then opt for bra with straps. It would be best to also match the bra’s color to your bra’s color.

  1. The bra must follow the style of your outfit

Going bra-less is not a good idea either, even if you opt for a bra with transparent straps and back.

  1. The bra must also support you well

One more thing to consider is bra’s support, which should be able to hold your boobs in place. So if you are wearing low-cut bra, it would be best to choose bra that has more coverage on the sides and shoulders. A bra with wide straps is also good for support purpose.

  1. The bra’s color must go well with your skin tone

Choose bra’s color depending on your skin tone (i.e. olive-skinned people should wear bra’s color that match their skin tone, while those with fair complexion should go for a bra with light colors).

  1. The bra must not show a bra strap

Keep in mind that bra’s straps must never be seen, which is why it would be best to avoid bra with thin straps and wide necklines.

  1. Finally, bra’s straps must never fall off your shoulders

A bra strap that falls off your shoulder is not only awkward-looking but it can also cause chafing and rashes (especially if you wear bra with thin and wide straps). So make sure to adjust the fit of bra’s straps before leaving home.

There you have it! Now you know how to choose bra that will match your outfit. Remember these bra shopping tips and you’ll look good all the time. Good luck!