10 Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid

Common Food Combinations You’d Better Avoid
source: styleter

There are food combinations that can make your food delicious and incredibly tastier. However, there are food combos to avoid as well. Check out some of the food combos you should stop eating immediately.

1) Carbonated Drinks and Ice Cream

Soda, especially the caffeinated ones, can worsen the bloating in your stomach. Meanwhile, ice cream contains air bubbles that will only feel the discomfort when you eat this food combo.

2) Citrus Fruits with Milk or Yogurt

Do not mix citrus fruits with milk or yogurt for this food combo will make food rather hard to digest.

3) Alcohol and Apple Cider Vinegar

If you can’t wait to gulp down an apple cider vinegar shot after a night of drinking, don’t do that. You might feel like you want to throw up or get very sick. When the food or drink you eat is mixed with the stomach enzymes, this food combo might cause food poisoning.

4) Bananas and Soy Milk

Banana contains high amount of potassium while soy milk only has 1% of it. It will make your blood pressure to go up then follow you home if you’ll mix these food items together.

5) Tomatoes and Tuna

When you mix food items with different acid levels, it can give your food a bitter taste. The food combo of tomatoes and tuna is the perfect example of that. So if you want to eat food that has both high acid level then avoid this food combo.

6) Oranges and Yogurt

Oranges are food items with high acidity while yogurt has lactic acid. These food combos will give you stomach ache for they don’t blend that well in the digestion system.

7) Coffee and Milk

If you’re looking for food combos to avoid, this food combo is perfect. The food items are not compatible with each other as they only slow the digestion process down.

8) Spicy Food and Sweet Oranges

Spicy food will make your stomach produce more acid while sweet oranges will neutralize the acids produced. The food combo of spicy food and sweet oranges is not good for your digestive system.

9) Avocado and Vinegar

Do not mix avocado with vinegar as this food combo can cause food poisoning. You might get food poisoning if you eat food items with low acidity level after food items with high acidity level.

10) Pizza and Dairy

The food combo of pizza and dairy will make food take longer time to digest. The food items can form food that can stay in your stomach for the next three days which is not good for your health at all.