40 Beauty Hacks and Secrets For Girls


Beauty Hacks and Secrets For Girls

We all have our own little beauty secrets and methods that we’ve used for years. Some of us may need more help than others, but all it takes is a few small tips and tricks to make you look as if you’ve walked right out of the pages of a vogue magazine. Here are 40 beauty hacks and secrets for girls.

1. Soothe and calm your skin

Put a small amount of honey, rosewater, and olive oil onto the palm of your hand and mix together. Put this mixture onto your face and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off with warm water.

2. Mix foundation to match darker areas

Dust a little powder into the foundation you’re using to give it thicker consistency. This will allow you to use less foundation, which is great for reducing oily areas.

3. Use shaving cream as your eyeliner

Dip a thin brush into the shaving cream and then apply it exactly like you would a normal liquid liner. Let dry before reapplying.

4. Apply Vaseline to your brows

Put a little Vaseline onto the brush and then apply it through your brows. This will clean up any messy lines and keep them in place all day long.

5. Use toothpaste as an exfoliator

Use a dab of toothpaste on your face as an exfoliating pads to get rid of those dead skin cells.

6. Use Vaseline to make your mascara last even longer

Put a small amount onto the brush to not only lengthen the life of your mascara, but also plump up and separate your lashes as you go too.

7. Pop a pill

Pop an acidophilus capsule open and smear it onto your face as a mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes before washing off with warm water and patting dry.

8. Use an old deodorant container as your makeup brush holder

Make sure you have a few spare nooks and crannies around the house for this easy DIY accessory.

9. Bath time

Put a spoonful of baking soda and a pinch of salt into your bath and soak for 10 minutes. This will help to detoxify the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed all at once too.

10. Massage dry shampoo into your roots

Dip a make-up brush into the dry shampoo before applying. By massaging the product in, you will wake up your scalp and produce more natural oils to hide any flakes or breakages.

11. Save time in the morning.

Apply baby oil to your eyebrows every few weeks before bed – this will help them grow in thicker and stronger so you don’t have to worry about shaping them too much.

12. Get rid of acne.

Cleanse your face daily to get rid of any excess dirt and grime. This will help to reduce the appearance of pores and also prevent bacteria build up which can cause acne breakouts.

13. Puffy eyes? Ice it!

Apply a bag of frozen peas or ice cubes over the skin and keep it there for 5 minutes to reduce any puffiness and dark circles.

14. Banana mask

Mash up a ripe banana into a smooth consistency and then apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and patting dry. Not only will this help to cleanse, but it will also help you to get rid of any excess oils.

15. Stop razor burn

Mix a bit of conditioner in with the shaving foam before applying it to your legs – this will make them extra smooth and stop any irritation or nicks.

16. Make your own deodorant

Mix baking soda with cornflour and add enough water to make it into a paste. Apply this under your arms every day for natural odor fighting ingredients.

17. Steam your pores open before you apply makeup

Boil up some water then remove from the heat and allow it to cool for about a minute. Lean over the steam so it can open up your pores and give a more even application of makeup too.

18. Use a spoon to apply eyeshadow

Dip a clean spoon into your favorite pigment and then pat onto your eyelids for perfect placement without any danger of going outside the lines.

19. Food based facial

Use egg whites as a facial mask and pat dry to tighten your pores and eliminate any excess oil. You can also use cucumber or grapes for the same effect.

20. Make your own false lashes

Cut out some cotton wool into thin strips and then soak them in diluted tea to create little lash pads that you can apply to your eyelids. This will reduce any chance of your lashes slipping or falling off during the night.

20. Get rid of blackheads

Dip a cotton swab into some milk and then apply to your face for 10 minutes – this will help to break down any blackhead causing dirt before you cleanse.

22. Use a rubber band to make your pony tail look fuller

Put the rubber band on top of your pony tail before you wrap it around. This will give an instant lift and make your hair appear thicker too.

23. Lose the red wine ring

Use some cling film as a barrier between you and the glass for easy removal after drinking. This is especially useful for white wines which tend to stain the quickest.

24. Make your own lip color

Mix a small amount of beetroot powder with petroleum jelly, apply directly to your lips and then blend with your finger – this is great if you are on a night out and want something natural looking rather than anything too bright or glossy.

25. Soak up excess oil

To make your hair look like it has fuller body, apply a few drops of baby powder to your roots as soon as you get out the shower after washing it – this will soak up any oils and leave you with a more matte texture.

26. Coconut Oil for everything!

Apply coconut oil to your nails before bed – it will help to moisturize them and make them grow faster. You can also use it on dry skin patches for an instant smoothing effect too.

27. Cucumber eye treatment

Soak a few slices of cucumber in rosewater overnight and then place over your tired eyes when you wake up. This will reduce any puffiness and give you a more rested look too.

28. Stop hair loss

Drink extra virgin olive oil every day to help improve the circulation in your scalp, which will help to encourage new growth and reduce the appearance of thinning hair.

29. DIY cuticle softener

Mix together olive oil, almond oil and lemon juice before applying to your cuticles – this will help to soften them before you push them back or file them.

30. Detangle hair gently

Rub a little baby oil between your palms and then use it on dry hair to prevent any breakage when brushing through knots – it will also give your locks a soft, natural shine.

31. Make a lip scrub

Mix equal parts of salt and sugar together before applying it to your lips to gently exfoliate and remove any dry skin cells – believe me, this is much gentler than anything you can buy in store.

32. No more split ends

Apply apple cider vinegar to the tips of your hair to help seal in any moisture, which will give it a healthy looking shine without causing any damage.

33. Remove excess lint

Use baby powder to remove any fluff on coats or jumpers before you head out – this is great for keeping them looking like new.

34. Revive dry shampoo

Sprinkle a little baby powder into your roots before using dry shampoo – this will help to soak up any excess oil and add volume at the same time.

35. Create a hair mask

Mix together some honey, an egg yolk and olive oil for a nourishing DIY hair mask that should be applied to wet hair from mid-length to the ends – this should be left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

36. Refresh your perfume

Keep a cotton ball soaked in vodka in your handbag to help make any fragrance last longer – vodka is the only thing that won’t alter the scent too much, but it will help to absorb any moisture.

37. Use a safety pin.

Use a safety pin to get rid of any lint on your clothes in seconds – this is great for when you are in a hurry and do not have time to iron them properly.

38. Clean up mascara smudges

Keep some olive oil in the fridge and then use a Q-tip to remove any mascara smudges – this is especially useful if you find them appearing on your face throughout the day.

39. Stop lipstick bleeding

Lightly brush some cornstarch over your lips before applying any liquid lipstick and it will stop it bleeding and give you a more matte finish.

40. Add a little water

If your eyeshadow is looking a little dry, add some drops of water to the pan before putting it back in its case – this will soften it and make it easier to blend.

These beauty hacks and secrets for girls shall help you in achieving the best look you could ever dream of.