10 Ways to Help Your Teen Make Friends


how to help your teen make friends

Parents with teens will have to answer a lot of questions about why a teen doesn’t have a friend. The first thing that parents need to understand is that it isn’t the teens’ fault, but our own as adults. The hardest part about helping your teen make friends is getting them out of the house. Styleter brought you 10 ways  to help your teen make some real friends.


1. Boost your teen confidence.

If your teen lacks confidence, he/she will have a harder time trying to make friends. People tend to be attracted to those who are positive and confident, so find ways to improve your teen’s confidence. It might be tough, but it will pay off in the end.

2. Encourage them to join extracurricular activities.

If your teen is worried about not being able to keep up or be socially accepted, encourage them to join social clubs and other activities. There are plenty of kids who have the same interest as you do so they will fit right in. Your teen might even discover a new passion that he/she will enjoy for years to come.

3. Help them practice their social skills

Social skills are something else that will help your teen make friends. It is difficult for teens to socialize with others because they are still trying to figure out their place in this world. Teach them how to interact with others by modeling good social behavior.


4. Brush Up on His/her Conversational Skills

By brushing up on your teen’s conversational skills, they will be able to hold their own and become more likable. This can be done by asking open-ended questions and paying attention to his/her responses.

5. Be their first and best friend

Sometimes, you have to be your teen’s best friend before they can make other friends. There will be times where they might not want to talk about certain things with you, so give them their space for those conversations.

6. Set boundaries

It is important to set boundaries because it will prevent outsiders from taking advantage of or talking down to your teen. Make a list of rules and consequences so that they understand what is expected of them.

7. Allow them to experience social media

Social media can be a good way for your teen to interact with others. Although it isn’t the same as real world interactions, they are still valuable tools that will allow you and your teen to bond. There are plenty of social media platforms, so find one that is familiar to your teen and let them explore it.

8. Sit back and wait

Even though it might be difficult, sit back and wait. Your teen will need time to adjust with their social circle, so give them some space if they need it. It might take months for them to find friends but the right person is worth the wait.


9. Don’t push them too hard

Don’t push your teen too hard to make friends because it will backfire. If they are not ready, let them know that they don’t have to force anything. Sometimes friends just happen, so be patient with the process.

10. Be supportive of their decisions

If you aren’t sure about an extracurricular activity or social media platform, be supportive of your teen’s decisions. After all, you want them to make good choices because this will help them in the long run.

The bottom line, make sure that your teen knows that they have your support in anything that they want to do. Friends will help shape who they are and how they view the world, so make sure you give them a strong social circle.