10 Tricks All Coffee Drinkers Need to Know Right Now


coffee tricks

Coffee is a wonderful drink, bringing joy and vitality to coffee drinkers all around the world. It has been popularized by coffee shops such as Starbucks, coffee vending machines, coffee creamers at grocery stores across the nation, and mass coffee production from countries around the globe including Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and many more.

However coffee isn’t perfect. It can be bitter, icky and acidic if you drink it wrong. But coffee lovers everywhere need not fear- there are simple tricks coffee drinkers need to know right now. Styleter brought you 10 coffee tricks you  need to know as a coffee drinker.


Always make sure coffee is fresh!

Coffee starts going stale as soon as it’s been roasted, so always buy from a coffee shop that keeps coffee in a special coffee storage container with airtight seals to prevent coffee oils from escaping into the air. Coffee will stay fresh until ground or brewed, but keep in mind coffee has roughly 21 days of peak freshness (after this time coffee starts to lose its natural flavors and becomes bitter).

The best coffee is coffee fresh out of the coffee maker!

Most coffee lovers think coffee tastes best when coffee is freshly ground and brewed. It’s almost as if coffee has its peak flavor right after it’s been brewed, so coffee drinkers need to have their coffee on hand right away or else they will miss coffee’s peak flavor.

Add coffee creamers and sugar

Coffee roasters such as Starbucks will add coffee creamers and sugars before giving coffee drinkers coffee. That’s because coffee can taste bitter or acidic without some help from other ingredients that coffee drinkers want. Some coffee drinkers like coffee with milk and sugar, while others will add creamers such as almond milk or soy creamer, and still others will only drink coffee black (without any coffee creamers).

Add coffee ice cubes to coffee, hot or cold

Coffee becomes diluted as coffee sits out. Coffee drinkers can slow this process by adding coffee ice cubes to their coffee drinks. Since coffee is ice cold when coffee ice cubes are added, coffee drinkers will get coffee that is just as strong and flavorful as coffee fresh out of the coffee maker. Coffee drinkers can also add coffee ice cubes to coffee that is already iced cold. Coffee will melt the coffee ice cubes, diluting coffee just slightly with coffee’s natural oils and boosting coffee flavor.


Drink coffee within one minute of adding coffee ice cubes

Coffee has about 21 days of peak freshness before it becomes bitter or acidic to coffee drinkers’ taste. It is imperative coffee drinkers don’t let coffee sit out for too long, especially if coffee is about to be diluted with coffee ice cubes. Drinking coffee within one minute of adding coffee ice cubes will make sure coffee doesn’t lose its flavor.

Remove ice from old coffee drinks before making new coffee drinks

Coffee ice cubes are coffee that is diluted with coffee’s natural oils. Coffee drinkers do not want coffee diluted with coffee ice cubes from old coffee drinks- coffee drinkers

Coffee ice cubes will dilute coffee, but coffee also dilutes itself as coffee sits out. To avoid making a coffee drink with too much coffee, coffee drinkers need to use a spoon to remove coffee ice cubes from old coffee drinks before adding coffee ice cubes to new coffee drinks.

 Layer It Up

To get coffee drinkers the ultimate coffee experience, coffee lovers should layer their coffee drinks just like coffee shops. First add coffee ice cubes to coffee cups for a minute or two, then add strong coffee that is freshly brewed, followed by coffee creamers and sugars if desired. Coffee tastes best when it is cold- so adding coffee ice cubes to hot coffee coffee gives coffee drinkers coffee that is colder than coffee out of the coffee maker without any dilution from coffee ice cubes.

Whip Up Syrups  For More Flavor

Coffee lovers who want coffee with more flavors should use coffee syrups. Coffee creamers are coffee syrups, but coffee lovers can also buy coffee syrup shots at coffee shops to put in their coffee drinks for a boost of flavor. Coffee drinkers can also whip up their own coffee syrups at home by adding coffee and coffee syrups, coffee and coffee creamer, coffee and coffee sugar, or coffee and almond milk to coffee makers.


Make Your Own Froth

Coffee drinkers who like coffee cups topped with coffee or coffee flavored froth should make their own coffee froth at home. To do this, coffee lovers can add almond milk and coffee to coffee makers and brew as usual for coffee that is covered in coffee froth. Coffee drinkers who don’t want almond milk or soy milk in their coffee can make coffee froth with coffee creamer and coffee.

Put It In a Popsicle

Coffee lovers who want coffee that is cold and coffee flavored without coffee ice cubes can put coffee in a coffee Popsicle. Coffee drinkers will need coffee, coffee creamer, coffee sugar, coffee cups, popsicle sticks, coffee maker with coffee filters or wax paper in the coffee filter basket. After brewing coffee as usual through the coffee maker coffee filter or coffee filter basket, coffee drinkers can throw coffee Popsicles in coffee cups to chill.

These are ten coffee tricks all coffee drinkers need to know right now. These tricks will keep any coffee lover’s coffee cup filled with coffee that is strong, flavorful, and delicious.