The 10 Best Exercises to Reduce the Appearance of Hip Dips


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“Hip dips”, as they’re colloquially known, are the inward depressions along the side of your body, just below the hip bone. Some people refer to them as violin hips. Instead of the outer edges of your hips following curves that look like they were drawn using a protractor, they have indentations. These indentations may be slight and barely noticeable, or they could be rather prominent. They’re a completely normal part of your body’s structure.
“There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to body shapes,” says fitness coach Jillian Michaels, “But with the right exercises, it’s possible to sculpt and tone any area of your body.” So, are you ready to embrace your body and work towards a stronger, more toned you? Let’s deep dive into the best exercises to help reduce the appearance of hip dips, promoting a curvier and more confident physique.

What exercises can help minimize the appearance of hip dips and promote a curvier physique?


Top 10 Exercises to Minimize Hip Dips

1. Squats

The classic squat is one of the most effective exercises for toning and strengthening your hip area. To do a basic bodyweight squat, stand with feet hip-width apart and lower into a sitting position until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure to keep your back straight and press up through your heels when you rise. To make the exercise more challenging, try adding weights to the squat or performing a sumo squat by widening your stance and turning your toes outward.

2. Lunges

Lunges are also great for toning up the hips and thighs while strengthening your lower body. Stand straight with feet slightly apart, then step forward with one leg as you lower your hips until the knee of the back leg nearly touches the ground. Make sure to keep your chest and torso upright, engaging your core muscles as you push up with both legs and return to standing position. Adding weights to lunges or performing them on one leg will help increase intensity and effectiveness.

3. Glute Bridges

The glute bridge is a great way to target the muscles around your hips. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, then press through your heels as you raise your hips from the ground until they’re in line with your torso. Make sure to squeeze at the top for a few seconds before slowly lowering down and repeating. You can also add a weighted bar across your hips to make the exercise more challenging.


4. Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are great for toning up the hip area and helping with balance. Start on all fours, then lift one leg straight back while keeping your knee bent at 90-degrees as you kick away from the ground. Make sure to keep your torso and hips in a straight line. You can also increase intensity by adding weights to the kick-back portion of the exercise.

5. Side Plank

The side plank is an effective exercise for targeting the inner hip region. Lie on your side with your legs extended, then prop yourself up using one arm while keeping your feet stacked and lifting the hips off the ground. Make sure to keep your body in a straight line throughout and hold for 30 seconds before switching sides.

6. Step-Ups

Step-ups are an excellent way to strengthen the hip region while also working your legs and core muscles. Start by standing facing a step or box about 6 inches high, then place one foot on the box and press up through your heel to step onto the box. Make sure to keep your back straight and alternate legs when stepping up. You can also add weights or use a higher step for added intensity.


7. Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are perfect for isolating the hip muscles, helping with balance and stability as well. Start on all fours then lift one leg out to the side, keeping it bent at a 90-degree angle as you raise and lower it in a controlled manner. Make sure to keep your back straight and torso still while squeezing at the top of each movement for a few seconds before returning.

8. Knee Circles

Knee circles are a great way to target the hip muscles while also improving flexibility and range of motion. Begin by lying on your back with knees bent, then slowly circle one knee in a clockwise motion. Make sure to keep your back flat on the ground and your hips still as you alternate direction for each repetition.

9. Clamshells

Clamshells are a great exercise for toning and strengthening the outer hip region. Begin by lying on one side with knees bent, then prop yourself up onto your elbow and raise your top knee towards the ceiling as you squeeze at the top. Make sure to keep your feet together as you lower back down and repeat before switching sides.

10. Side Leg Lifts

Side leg lifts are perfect for targeting the inner hip region while also strengthening your hips and thighs. Begin by lying on one side with legs extended, then lift the top leg as high as you can without moving the bottom leg. Make sure to keep your back flat against the ground and squeeze at the top before lowering in a controlled manner.
No matter what type of exercise you choose, consistency and proper technique are key. Working out consistently with correct form will help strengthen your muscles to reduce the appearance of hip dips over time. So, get started today and be proud of the body you have!
At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your body is unique and that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Don’t compare yourself to others, and instead focus on eating a balanced diet, staying active, and loving your body the way it is. After all, confidence looks great on everyone!
Whether you’re looking for an added challenge or just want to tone up your hips and thighs, these 10 exercises will provide the perfect platform to help reduce the appearance of hip dips and promote a curvier, more confident silhouette. So, get out there and start moving! Your body will thank you for it.