40 Best Smooth Pick-Up Lines for Your Crush

Smooth Pick-Up Lines

Have you ever wanted to talk to a girl you like, but don’t know what to say? well, we got you you. here are 23 cheesy smooth pick up lines that will take your flirting game to a whole another level. Go on, try them.


If a girl seems to have a flu or a bit tired, try this pick up line. it always work 100%.

You: Are you sick?
Her: Yes,
You: You’re missing vitamin Me


This line works when you see a girl using her phone

You: Your phone is missing something?
Her: what thing?
You: my number


You: is your dad a terrorist?
Her: why?
You: you blow up my heart


You: where are you from?
Her: your heart


You: did it hurt?
Her: what?
You: cuz you’re a snack from a vending machine


You: they’re looking at me, can you plz tell them to stop.
Her: who?
You: your boobs


You: how many planets do we have in our system?
Her: 8
You: there will only be seven when I destroy your Uranus


You: did anyone tell you you look beautiful today?
Her: No,
You: Then good luck tomorrow


You: you know words cannot describe your beauty, numbers can.
Her: rate me then
You: 1 out of 10


Your: do you know what’s brighter than the sun?
Her: what
You: my future with you will be brighter than the sun


You: you know I always thought diamonds are pretty, but when I saw you, I doubt that.


You: plz don’t go out tonight
Her: why?
You: the moon is going to be jealous


You: do you have your own house?
Her: yes
You: but why do you live in my heart.


You: what’s your name?
Her: Meriam
You: they should called you Netflix, I could watch you all day


Her: What’s your name?
You: You can call me tonight


You: do you have a map?
Her: why?
You: I’m lost in your eyes bb


You: Are you an engineer?
Her: No, why?
You: because you built that connection between me and you perfectly


You: hey, do you know God gave me everything except you.


You: Hi, how are you?
Her: I’m fine
You: is your name cherry
Her: no
You: because you’re the sweetest


You: if one plus one equals me and you, what’s one plus one equals to?


You: can I ask you a question?
Her: Yes, go ahead
You: is your name summer:
Her: Why:
You: cuz you’re too hot


You: can I ask you a question?
Her: sure
You: what’s something that has two eyes but can only see one thing?
Her: I don’t know
You: it’s me, cuz all I see is you


You: do you know what really looks good on you?
Her: no, I don’t know
You: my arms


You: I know it’s daytime in your side, do you know how I know?
Her: how
You: because you’re sunshine


You: I think science is fake
Her: why do you think so?
You: because the sun is not the hottest thing


You: Do you know that every dentist hates you
Her: why?
You: because you’re sweat


You: today I lost my number
Her: why?
You: can I have your number


You: what’s your name?
Her: X
You: I don’t like that name, can I just call you babe


You: where are you from?
Her: city or country.
You: i’m moving to your city or country, my mom told me to follow my heart.


You: do you have a parachute
Her: No
You: what should I do, I’m falling for you.


You: do you have a driving license?
Her: why?
You: because you’re driving me crazy


You: is your name global warming?
Her: why?
You: because you are making my world hotter and hotter every second


You: can I take your photo
Her: why?
You: I want to show my mom what I want


You: where do you life?
Her: city/ country
You: you can come and live in my heart, live free.


You: you know what, I’m actually on diet. But I can take you as my cheat meal.


You: do you know what is CPR?
Her: yeah
You: I think I need to take one cuz you’re taking my breathe away


You: do you have a free seat for me?
Her: why:
You: I want to sit down inside your heart
Her: no, I’m engaged.
You: no problem, I will stand


You: you should not be on insta
Her: why?
You: you should be on miss universe.


You: where do I file a police report
Her: at the police station
You: cuz you stole my heart


Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?