The End of an Era: 27 Things Disappearing by 2040

things that will disappear
Cardmapr Nl/unsplash

Modern-day conveniences that we might not have even known about a decade ago are products of the mind and creativity of those who have lived before us.

While things like cars, planes and credit cards have been a part of the public consciousness for decades now, things that we take for granted now might not be around in several years.

It’s fascinating (and sometimes frightening!) to consider what may be lost in the decades ahead. From smartphones to credit cards, here are a few things that may become obsolete before you know it.

27.Video Game Consoles

Video Game Consoles

With things like Stream and other services that make gaming easier, as well as video game consoles that we take for granted, the future may see people opting for more adaptable technology.

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